About Us

Hey! I’m Heather, Founder of This Website!

Learn Planting was born out of my love for plants. Whether livening up my city apartment with indoor plants and succulents or helping my dad grow his ever expanding backyard (seriously, he grows everything from avocados to plantains to persimmons to dragonfruit to cherimoya)…this is your one-stop shop for everything related to planting! Our goal is to empower you with the right knowledge so that your garden (no matter how small) is as luscious and healthy as possible! 

Our Team

Our Team of writers at Learn Planting all have green thumbs. Our writers are carefully vetted for their high caliber of knowledge and experience in growing their own gardens. They also all undergo a vigorous training process to qualify as a Learn Planting writer. All of our writers are committed to conducting thorough research and leveraging their personal experience so that all of our published content provides the utmost value to our readers….and so that we can contribute to your ever-expansive luscious garden! 


Emma has a passion for any and all things garden-related. Her love for nature and the outdoors began when she was only seven and attended a summer camp where she got to learn about the world around her.

Now she works part-time at a local farm caring for over 5,000 apple trees, as well as a robust strawberry patch and sprawling sunflower field. At home, she cares for indoor garden of pothos, jade plants, and herbs, as well as her outdoor vegetable garden complete with jalapeños, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes. She loves cooking with her home-grown food and savoring every bite, and can’t wait to share her knowledge with you!


Katharine Oden has been vegetable gardening since about 2008, first on a condo balcony and later in community garden plots. Some of her favorite yearly harvests include golden cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and sunflowers.

She often starts plants under lights in a home greenhouse in February for an early start in the New Hampshire growing season, which runs roughly from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Lately Katharine has become more interested in houseplants and landscape plants to fill out her 1955 home on a half-acre. Current favorites for indoors include pilea, haworthia, and maranta.


Rhiannin is a freelance author whose love of gardening started with easting fresh vegetables her mother grew in her home garden. 

Her love of all things nature inspired her to take a horticulture class while working on her degree, and she’s since increased her knowledge of herbalism, wildcrafting, sustainable planting, and garden care in her free time. Her most recent interests include working with heirloom fruit and vegetable cultivars and exploring sustainable grass and grass alternatives.

She works as a full-time writer and tends a small indoor vegetable and herb garden from her home in the Colorado mountains while dreaming of owning a homestead and tending a crop garden and orchard.